Creating effective javahelp

This book is about JavaHelp™ from Sun Microsystems. JavaHelp is an online help system
developed for the Java™ programming language. It is similar to other help systems, such as
WinHelp and HTML Help, in that you use a table of contents (TOC), index, or word-search
index to find and display help topics. JavaHelp can be used for many online documentation
purposes, but its primary function is to provide an online help system to support Java
Of course, as with any new online help system, people have many questions they need
answered and demands they need addressed. This book attempts to address those
questions and demands and teaches you how to develop usable online help systems with
JavaHelp. To provide a comprehensive look at JavaHelp development, this book covers the
main features and options of JavaHelp by presenting the following topics:
• Understanding JavaHelp
• Creating your first HelpSet
• Planning the JavaHelp project
• Preparing help topics
• Creating HelpSet data and navigation files
• Enhancing the HelpSet
• Using the JavaHelp API for advanced presentation options
• Deploying the help system to your users
• Using third-party, help-authoring tools

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