Core Java Data Objects 2003

Java Data Objects (JDO) streamlines development by providing Java-centric mechanisms for making objects persistent, and standard APIs for connecting application code with underlying persistent datastores. Core Java Data Objects is the definitive, comprehensive guide to JDO persistence for every experienced Java developer.

Using realistic code examples, this book’s expert authors cover creating, reading, updating, and deleting persistent objects; object lifecycles and state transitions; JDO classes and APIs; queries, architecture, security, and much more. They show how to integrate JDO with EJB, JTA, JCA, and other J2EE technologies; and introduce best practices for using JDO in both standalone programs and J2EE components.

If you want to spend more time solving business problems and less time worrying about persistence, you need JDO. And you need the one book that’ll help you make the most of JDO: Core Java Data Objects.

Every Core Series book:

  • DEMONSTRATES how to write commercial quality code

  • FEATURES nontrivial programs and examples–no toy code!

  • FOCUSES on the features and functions most important to real developers

  • PROVIDES objective, unbiased coverage of cutting-edge technologies – no hype!

Core Java Data Objects delivers:

  • Practical examples showing how JDO can be applied to existing applications

  • Powerful insights for using JDO to architect new systems more effectively

  • Step-by-step guidance for integrating JDO with other J2EE technologies

  • Best practices for using JDO in real-world business environments

Descarga: Core_Java_Data_Objects_2003.rar


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