Building Applications with IBM WebSphere Studio and JavaBeans: A Guided Tour

This book takes you on a guided tour to building applications with the WebSphere Studio Visual Editor for Java and JavaBeans. Along the way, you’ll learn the basics of how to develop Java applets and applications, as well as more advanced topics such as using relational databases and eXtensible Markup Language (XML) documents to store your application data. By the end of the tour you’ll be able to use WebSphere Studio to build your own applications and you’ll understand why JavaBeans are so useful for application programming.

If you’re new to Java and Java development environments, that’s OK. This book assumes you have some basic knowledge of the Java programming language, but you certainly don’t need to be an expert to follow the tour. You do need to be running one of the Windows operating systems, and as long as you’re comfortable with Windows, the Internet, and Web browsers, you’re ready to learn Java.

If you are already familiar with Java and Java development environments, that’s OK, too. You’ll still benefit from going through the tour, because it will teach you many of the WebSphere Studio features that will let you build your Java applications easier and faster.

This book uses the “show and tell” approach. If you flip through the pages, you’ll notice that they are loaded with pictures showing how your applications should look at each step along the way. In addition, we’ve included two CDs that contain all the tools you’ll need to follow along with the lessons.

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