Bluetooth For Java 2003

Table of Contents
Bluetooth for Java
Chapter 1 – Introducing Bluetooth
Chapter 2 – Bluetooth 1.1
Chapter 3 – Before You Get Started
Chapter 4 – Understanding the Java Bluetooth API
Chapter 5 – Bluetooth with J2ME MIDP
Chapter 6 – Creating a Bluetooth Print Server with JPS API
Chapter 7 – Java and OBEX
Chapter 8 – Using a Bluetooth Simulator
Chapter 9 – Bluetooth Security
Chapter 10 – Wireless Embedded Systems with the Micro BlueTarget
Chapter 11 – Enterprise Bluetooth Applications with the Ericsson BlipNet
Chapter 12 – Bluetooth and Jini
Appendix A – javax.bluetooth
Appendix B – javax.obex
Appendix C – Java Bluetooth Development on the PalmOS Platform
Appendix D – BlipNet 1.1 API
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Listings
List of Sidebars

Descarga: Bluetooth_For_Java_2003.rar


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