Applying Enterprise JavaBeans™Component-Based Development for the J2EE™ platform 2ed 2003

Written by the architects of the Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) specification, Applying Enterprise JavaBeans(TM), Second Edition is an advanced programming guide and reference source which has been updated and expanded to reflect updates in the EJB 2.1 specification. This book is an invaluable resource for IT personnel building in-house applications and for the independent software vendors (ISVs) building applications for sale to enterprise.

The authors use example applications to clearly illustrate many of the typical problems encountered in enterprise application development, and to help developers learn to use the newest features of the EJB. Applying Enterprise JavaBeans(TM), Second Edition also explores the use of EJB architecture in the construction and accessing of Web services, thus integrating applications across enterprises with interoperable, standards-based protocols and service description formats.

In-depth coverage includes such EJB topics as:

  • Support for Web services and security management

  • Message-driven beans and integration with Java Messaging Service (JMS)

  • Session beans-including a discussion of the differences between stateful and stateless session beans

  • Entity beans-including life cycle, persistence management, and container management

  • Transaction management

  • EJB Query Language

Applying Enterprise JavaBeans(TM), Second Edition discusses when and how each EJB feature should be used in applications and concludes with a comprehensive API reference for developers. This book is an essential addition to every Java programmer’s bookshelf.

Descarga: Applying_Enterprise_JavaBeans_Component-Based_Development_for_the_J2EE__platform_2ed_2003.rar


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