Data Structures in Java – fly 2002


To learn a subject such as computer science, you need to immerse yourself in it Ñ learning by oing rather than by simply observing. Through the study of several classic data structures and lgorithms, you will become a better informed and more knowledgeable computer science student nd programmer. To be able to professionally choose the best algorithm and data structure for a particular set of resource constraints takes practice.
An emphasis on learning by doing is used throughout Data Structures in Java: A Laboratory ourse. In each laboratory, you explore a particular data structure by implementing it. As you reate an implementation, you learn how the data structure works and how it can be applied.
The resulting implementation is a working piece of software that you can use in later laboratories and programming projects.

Descarga:  Data_Structures_in_Java_-_fly_2002.rar


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